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The Full House House: San Francisco, California


I know you know about Full House. Whether you’ve watched the 80s series or the current reboot on Netflix, the Tanners have been an integral part of feel-good TV since my childhood. Uncle Jesse was pretty much every girl’s crush even though he has aged tremendously well and is also currently this almost mid-30s girl’s crush also. Danny was the ideal Dad, and Joey…well in my opinion he was the cringe-y comic relief, but you liked him anyway even though his family & story in this reboot is the F^$*%)& WORST.

The House used for the exterior shots is actually located in a San Francisco suburb and not some random LA backlot. It’s on a quiet, nondescript street, nestled between quiet, nondescript houses (1709 Broderick Street, to be exact). I mean, the other houses are lovely and all, but none of them represent the epitome of an idyllic family life, complete with catchphrases you love to hate, lessons learned, and disagreements resolved within the span of half hour (less if you count commercial time).

It’s really not extremely close to public transportation (there’s at least 7 minutes’ walking time) which may be a long time or nothing at all, depending on where you live. It also isn’t very close to major landmarks, but search for “Full House house on Google Maps and it will show up. Lol. The Husband and I went over to the Golden Gate Bridge after and hung out because its closer to that area, so if you’re planning your itinerary, it makes more sense to clump those two together (plus the Painted Ladies!) into one day and leave the Wharf, Piers & Alcatraz for another day.

I’d advise that you find yourself an Uber or Lyft driver who would be willing to wait a maximum of 5 minutes at the FHH while you jump out, take a few pictures and hop back in. There ‘s really isn’t much more to do there. I was looking for the actual address as I was writing this post and realized that the House was sold in 2016 for USD $4M. Insane! The pictures in the Zillow Ad and Forbes article show that there were sections repainted to the point that the House was barely recognizable, but it seems to have been restored to it’s original white (sans the iconic red door). You cant actually go inside, not that I’d want to, personally. I’d like to keep the impression that inside looks exactly the way it looks on TV. TV never lies, okay? Also, there’s a CAR IN THE KITCHEN!

There’s an extremely cool sign up there that politely and cleverly asks for good behaviour, and any fears you might have about being the only stalker-y 80s kid surreptitiously taking pictures will quickly be allayed because its a big world and you’re guaranteed to see at least one other stalker-y 80s kid surreptitiously taking pictures. It might not have the same crowds as the more popular tourist traps, but that’s fine. Did you really need to be validated by a crowd anyways? *cue emotional music where everyone learns a lesson*

Visited: 2017
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