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Your Cheat Sheet to the Pantheon – Rome, Italy


11 Cool facts for your trip to the Pantheon (downloadable Infographic below)

It may seem a little basic of me, but I love Rome. The city is bursting with history and beauty and culture and ruin and preservation and gelato and its just the most beautiful thing. Looking back at my photos, I genuinely can’t believe or remember how insanely crowded everywhere was. Is that how good my vacation filter is? Normally people stress me the hell out. Anyway – this post is about the coolness of the Pantheon.

Our apartment was within walking distance of the Pantheon (pretty much everything is walking distance), so we went twice – once in the evening to get our bearings, and once in the morning to actually see the inside of the Pantheon. While it is spectacular regardless of the time of day, the Pantheon is extra breathtaking at night. The Romans really know how to light the sh!t out of monuments.

Because there is so much to see in Rome (The Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Castle Sant’Angelo, the Piazzas and Fountains and Obelisks), it is so easy to throw the Pantheon in as a stop on the itinerary and be interested at the time, but then have all the cool stuff slip out of your head to make room for other cool stuff (a la Homer Simpson). Why do I sound so wise? It happened to me. I decided to do a little research to refresh my memory and before I knew it, I had compiled a handy little Infographic for you with some of the coolest stuff I found.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s tons of additional cool stuff that simply couldn’t fit – for example, the Pantheon has always been in use. Right now, apart from it being a tourist magnet, it is a functioning Church. I could go on, but then what would be the point of making the Infographic?

Want to set the reading mood? If you’d like, listen to a song composed by Arcangelo Corelli – His tomb is actually one of the few at the Pantheon.

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