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Hi! I’m Indira and welcome to Bookmarks & Waypoints. At the risk of sounding very saccharine, visiting a new place is like coffee + a spa day for my soul. Writing about it is a wonderful top-up, and retroactively discovering facts and history about a place I may have cluelessly visited in the past makes the world so much closer. Everything is connected.

My general concept is simple: I write about a place I’ve traveled to and I include a book recommendation that I think is appropriate to the place. I also add the coordinates so that you can check it out on Google Maps. [Hence, you get the Bookmark and the Waypoint. I know, I’m so clever]

All of the books I recommend are ones I’ve read unless I state otherwise (same goes for pictures – all were taken by me unless I state otherwise). I’m always open to new book recommendations though, so feel free to drop me a line or follow me on my many communication platforms.

Happy travels!

Suggestions? Questions? Comments? Drop me a line!