9 Things I learned at the Guinness Storehouse (and 1 thing I didn’t)

They say that travel helps you learn a lot about yourself. In some form or the other, the saying is the classic Instagram caption, the quote superimposed on a picture of breathtaking scenery, or the line leading up to the hook in a song. On my trip to Dublin, I learned that I could live the rest of my life drinking only Irish Guinness and I’d be happy. Granted, there’s Guinness available in my country, but it is trash compared to actual Irish Guinness. I mean, no disrespect, but seriously. SERIOUSLY. (I’ve been binge-watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy) I also learned Guinness related educational stuff, but the important thing is that I now understand that I’m not a stout weakling!

Anyway, when you go to Dublin, it’s practically a rite of passage to visit the amazing Guinness Storehouse. Located at St. James’ Gate, Dublin, the Guinness Storehouse offers a unique look into the life of Arthur Guinness as well as the entire Guinness process and legacy. There are self guided tours as well as a Guinness Academy (where you can learn the ideal way to pour), and a bar on the top floor of the building where you can enjoy the views of Dublin while sipping on a pint.

I put together a very cool Infographic below of the very cool things I learned at the Storehouse. I also learned something else when I was deciding on a book to recommend and that might actually be one of my favourite facts.

9 things I learned from the Guinness Storehouse (1)


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The Guinness Book of World Records. While I didn’t learn this at the Storehouse (or may have simply overlooked it), the Book is just as famous as the drink. Its origins stem back to the 1950s when the then Manager of the Brewery attended a shooting party and got into a debate about the fastest game bird in Europe. They were unable to find the answer in any reference book. Later, Guinness held a promotion for settling pub arguments which resulted in the compilation of a book of facts and figures, which has evolved into the Guinness Book of World Records as we know it! I love the fact that this seemingly unrelated book has a connection to drinking and socializing. I’ve been involved in my share of bar debates which have anticlimactically been resolved by Google. Thanks Google, but something about pulling out a heavy book and slamming it on the bar to prove my point just speaks to my soul.


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